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VWIL 20th Anniversary Fund

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VWIL 20th Anniversary Fund

VWIL 20th Anniversary

Dear VWIL Alumnae and Friends:

The Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership (VWIL) is celebrating its 20-year anniversary. Please join us as we celebrate our history and milestones, honor our alumnae, and support exciting new developments for the future!

VWIL alumnae have set up the VWIL 20th Anniversary Fund to celebrate both our accomplishments of the past 20 years and contribute to the future of our program. We have set a goal of raising $7,500 between now and April 24th. The VWIL 20th Anniversary Fund will provide unrestricted support that will be used where Mary Baldwin needs it most, providing vital resources for our operating budget and helping keep tuition down and academic standards up.  

On April 22, 2016, the Corps and Mary Baldwin will be hosting our Reunion parade to celebrate this milestone anniversary, and President Emerita Dr. Cynthia Tyson will be joining us for this very special event. Following the parade, we will present a check to VWIL for the amount raised so far. We hope to have already reached our goal by then, and you can help us get there!

We are part of a powerful community that is leading, serving, and making a difference all over the world. More than 900 of our sister nULLs join us in celebration of a landmark 20th Anniversary this year. Please take a moment today to help us reach our $7,500 goal!

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.

Karen Bailey-Chapman ’99               Katherine Brennan ’03

Choose a giving level



Named in honor of our first-year cadets, this level is an important part of our campaign. nULL gifts represent the teamwork and camaraderie that develops upon entry into the VWIL program. Together, you make a difference! All donors at this level will receive a personal thank you call from a nULL .



Cadet gifts represent the nULLs successfully training and completing their Rites of Passage. Gifts at this level show a firm commitment to VWIL and the Corps of Cadets. All donors at this level will receive a VWIL sticker and a personal thank you call from a VWIL cadet.



You are stepping up and taking charge. During corporal year, VWIL cadets are responsible for the conduct, training, accountability, and appearance of the nULLs in their squad. All donors at this level will receive a VWIL coffee mug.



A leader in your community, you are a thoughtful donor who wants to make an impact, just like our VWIL Sergeants who ensure their platoons are properly trained for all drills and parades. All donors at this level will receive a VWIL garden flag.


Class Congress Chair

Peers entrust the Class Congress Chair with overseeing the class system and class privileges while ensuring good order and morale of the Corps. Class Congress Chair donors will have a major impact on the entire student body. Just as VWIL class chairs serve as role models, so do our donors! They will receive a VWIL license plate frame and a thank you video from the VWIL Class Congress Chair that will be posted online.


First Captain

The First Captain is responsible for the training, supply, discipline, accountability, internal administration, and formation of the entire VWIL Cadet Corps. Not only does the First Captain represent the integrity of VWIL, she is also a global leader, proving that strong women can exercise far-reaching influence. Donors at the First Captain level lead the way in helping us reach our $7,500 goal. They will receive a VWIL fleece and a thank you video from the VWIL First Captain that will be posted online.

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